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About Us

Greetings Happenstancers and fellow crafters! 
On April 1 2019, I opened the doors to Happenstance Papercrafting + Home Decor at 1A - 2753 Charlotte Road, Duncan BC. 
Just like some of you I have been an avid papercrafter for many years and I chose to open my own store because I felt that there was a greater opportunity to be able to provide various types of paper and supplies from a wide variety of suppliers that we as individuals do not have access to. 
Over our combined decades of papercrafting, our team has learned many skills and techniques which we are willing to share with all of you. 
I have created this website to assist all of you in having access to my beautiful paper and supplies. For those outside our area, or that are unable to make it to our store, my hope is that you will find it useful and easy to navigate. 
This website is a work in progress and I have more skill in papercrafting, than websdeisgn, so if there are any errors please bare with me as we figure out this new space. 
Thank you so much for checking us out, we wish you happy papercrafting!